Our Company:

Sky Zip Metal Sdn Bhd takes pride in being a customer oriented, market driven and quality conscious metal roofing sub-contractor and is continuously striving to provide a one stop centre of roofing related products for customers.

Since our establishment in 2007, Sky Zip offers full range of metal roofing system ranging from conventional bolting and concealed fixed steel roofing system to standing seam, flat seam or even batten seam roofing system that normally utilized non-ferrous precious metal such as pure Titanium, Copper, Aluminium and Titanium Zinc.

We are also certified Zambelli Rib Roof Standing Seam roofing system installer and one of the most sought after company for industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Apart from conventional steel box gutter, Sky Zip also provide aesthetic finishes concealed or non-concealed finish gutter made of Copper, Aluminium & Titanium Zinc. These complementally products will further enhance the overall aesthetic view of your building.

Our Business Partners include but not limited to the following:


Our Objective:

Sky Zip fervently believes that customers have their every right to choose what they deem most suitable for their need. However, there are always an alternative to a solution. For every wish to be fulfilled, it should be in the most satisfactory and most creative manner. This is “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and as such Sky Zip pledges to abide by the slogan “The Creative Way for Special Wishes “.